Richard Schlegel

Director for The Center for Cell Reprogramming
Richard Schlegel, MD, PhD.

"It’s a dream of a scientist to be able to discover something in a laboratory that might not only be interesting to other scientists but have an impact on healthcare in the country, or in this case, the entire world…so it’s an exciting time!"

- Dr. Richard Schlegel, Chair of Department of Pathology and Director of Center for Cell Reprogramming, GUMC

Faculty Member Publications

Picture of Dr. Seema Agarwal

Seema Agarwal, PhD
Associate Professor

  • In Vitro Cell Line Models
  • Signaling Pathways
  • Cell Model Systems
Picture of Dr. Ewa Krawczyk's data

Ewa Krawczyk, PhD
Assistant Professor

  • CRC Lab Manager
  • E5 Protein
  • CRC Cultures
Picture of Dr. Xuefeng Liu

Xuefeng Liu, MD

  • Co-Director of Center for Cell Reprogramming
  • Director of Telomeres & Cell Immortalization
  • Scientific Director of Conditional Reprogramming Laboratory (CRL)
  • Papillomarvirus Oncoproteins
Picture of Dr. Frank Suprynowicz

Frank Suprynowicz, PhD
Assistant Professor

  • Signaling Pathways
  • CRC Biology
  • CRC Technique
Picture of Dr. Hang Yuan

Hang Yuan, PhD
Associate Professor

  • Director of HPV Biology Program
  • Canine Papillomavirus
  • Vaccine Development
Picture of Abdul Mondal

Abdul Mondal, PhD
Research Instructor

  • Working with Dr. Xuefeng Liu
  • Profile roles and modifications of p53 and CRCs
  • Discovery of endogenous regulation of cellular senescence by natural p53 isoforms, D133p53 and p53β
Picture of Dr. Hang Yuan

Priscilla A. FurthMD
Professor and Associate Dean

  • Professor of Oncology & Medicine
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development
  • Primary epithelial cell development
Picture of Abdul Mondal

Jeffrey K. Huang, PhD
Assistant Professor

  • Department of Biology
  • Oligodendrocyte regeneration
  • Molecular signals in injury microenvironments
Picture of Chris Albanese

Christopher Albanese, PhD
Associate Professor

  • Department of Oncology
  • Growth Regulation of Cancer
  • Development of High-Energy Imaging Technologies
Picture of Kevin Fitzgerald

Kevin T. FitzGerald, PhD
Associate Professor

  • Department of Oncology
  • Abnormal Gene Expression in Cancer
  • Biomedical Research and Medical Genomics
Picture of Anton Wellstein

Anton Wellstein, MD
Assistant Professor

  • Oncology & Pharmacology
  • Growth factor pleiotrophin and its signaling through the ALK kinase receptor
  • Discovery of mechanisms of cancer metastasis and genes

Picture of Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, PhD
Assistant Professor

  • Department of Oncology
  • Proteases, invasion and metastasis and the progression of breast cancer.
  • The pharmacogenetics of drugs used in cancer therapy
Picture of Elena Silva

Elena Silva, PhD

  • Department of Biology
  • Professor and Vice Dean
  • Nervous System Development

Picture of Steve Singer

Steve Singer, PhD

  • Department of Biology
  • Pathogenesis in Giardia and Giardia-host-microbiota interactions
  • Innate immunity in Giardia infection, vaccine development, Giardia co-infections


Picture of Sujata Choudhury

Sujata Choudhury
Research Associate II

  • Working with Dr. Seema Agarwal
  • Feeder free CRC system
  • Role of p53 in normal/tumor CRCs and Rock1/Rock2 in cell reprogramming
Picture of Jie Lu

Jie Lu
Research Assistant II

  • Working with Dr. Ewa Krawczyk
  • Processing tissues and using conditional reprogramming method to establish new cell lines
Picture of Zeeba Manavi

Zeeba Manavi
Research Technician II

  • Working with Dr. Seema Agarwal
  • Studying the role of EGFRvIII mutation in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) cell lines in respect with known therapeutic drugs
Picture of Dan Zhou

Dan Zhou, MS
Research Assistant III

  • Working with Dr. Hang Yuan
  • Managing papillomavirus vaccine development and production
  • 3D Air-liquid Interface culture to analyze HPV-related cancers in vitro
Picture of Jerry Xiao

Jerry Xiao
Graduate Student

  • Working with Dr. Seema Agarwal
  • Exploring Circulating Tumor Cells and their role in tumor metastasis
Picture of Haewon Park

Haewon Park, MPH, CRA
Director of Business Operations

  • Financial and Administrative Leadership 
  • Business outreach initiatives, commercial and research projects
  • Marketing for CRC technology 
Picture of Vera Simic

Vera Simic, BS
Program Coordinator

  • Lab Management
  • Laboratory finances
  • Maintaining and conditionally repgoramming tissue culture cells
Picture of Amy Botello

Amy Botello
Administrative Assistant

  • Office operations for Dr. Richard Schlegel
  • Center for Cell Reprogramming website development