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Coming Soon: Full-Time Postdoc Position

The Center for Cell Reprogramming under the supervision of Dr. Richard Schlegel is looking to recruit a full time Postdoc to join the vibrant research lab. More information about the job descrptions and responsibilities will follow.

Posted: Summer 2021

Position: Research Technician

Job Description: Dr. Seema Agarwal in the Department of Pathology at Georgetown University is looking to recruit a Research Technician to the dynamic research group in the Center for Cell Reprogramming.


  • Processing and establish cultures from blood samples from human donors.
  • Maintaining cultures and carrying out cell-based assays.
  • Carrying out routine molecular biology techniques, such as DNA and RNA isolation from cells and tissue materials, qPCR, and gel electrophoresis for DNA and proteins.
  • Preparing protein cell lysates for Western blotting.
  • Performing immunofluorescence staining of cells and capturing images.
  • Establishing primary cell cultures using patient’s or mouse PDX tissue materials.
  • The candidate should be well organized and maintain details of experimental protocols and data.
  • Performs routine lab jobs such as glassware washing and autoclaving.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree is essential, a Master’s degree is preferred
  • 2 years of practical experience in tissue culture, DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, protein gels and immunoblotting.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience in handling mice.
  • A working knowledge of immunofluorescence staining and microscopy is desirable.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop, and any statistical analysis software

Applicants should complete the application via Hoya Staffing & Recruitment. Review of applications will begin immediately, and will continue until the post has been filled. All inquiries on the position should be directed to Dr. Seema Agarwal (email:

Job Type: Full-Time Temporary

Posted: Spring 2021

Position: Research Associate/Technician

Job Description:
The Laboratory of Glia Biology under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Huang in the Department of Biology at Georgetown University is looking to recruit a full time Research Assistant/Technician to the dynamic research group studying the mechanism of brain/spinal cord repair in mouse models of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Start Date: Summer 2021 or later

Responsibilities: More information to follow


  • At least 12 months practical experience in a research laboratory setting
  • Experience with mouse pathology/injury, tissue dissections and cryosectioning desired
  • Experience with mouse handling and husbandry
  • Experience with molecular/cell biological methods
  • Expected to work well within a team
  • Expected to maintain logbooks and mouse tissue bank

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a CV detailing relevant laboratory experience. Review of applications will begin immediately, and will continue until the post has been filled. Inquiries on the position may be directed to Dr. Jeff Huang (email:
The Huang lab is situated in Regents Hall on the main campus in Georgetown University. For more information, please visit:

Job Type: Full-time