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Posted: Fall 2023

Position: Research Assistant

Job Description: The Center for Cell Reprogramming is accepting applications for a Research Assistant who will work on a project to expand the scope of a current novel method for the identification, selection, and expansion of so-called Circulating Tumor Cells that establish metastases in cancer patients.


  • Will carry out experiments related to cancer research projects, especially the processing, establishment, and maintenance of cultures from human blood samples.
  • Will work with mice in duties such as regular monitoring of mice, measuring tumor volume, euthanizing mice to collect tumors and organs for histology, freezing tumor tissue for re-implants, and flash freezing tissue for molecular and cellular biology techniques.
  • Will carry out experiments related to molecular and cellular biology, such as isolation of DNA and RNA from cells and tissue materials, cell culture, immunofluorescence microscopy, Western blots, and techniques related to molecular and cellular biology – along with keeping impeccable details on each experiment, results and interpretation of data in the laboratory notebook and presenting data in the lab meetings.
  • Will also maintain computer hardware and software and perform routine lab jobs – such as glassware washing and autoclaving – which are shared with others in the laborator

Qualifications and Skills:

  • B.S. degree with at least 3 years of experience in tissue culture, DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, protein gels, and immunoblotting and have working knowledge of immunofluorescence microscopy.
  • Preferred are candidates with M.S. degrees with at least 2 years of extensive lab experience in cellular and molecular biology techniques as listed above, as well as any experience with handling and injection of tumor cells in mice.
  • Should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and any statistical analysis software.
  • Should have strong communication skills.

To apply, please email a CV and letter of research interests to: Reference letters will be required for selected candidates.

Job Type: Full-Time on campus