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Posted: June 2019

Position: Research Associate/Technician

Job Description:
The Laboratory of Glia Biology under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Huang in the Department of Biology at Georgetown University is looking to recruit a full time Research Assistant/Technician to the dynamic research group studying the mechanism of brain/spinal cord repair in mouse models of multiple sclerosis (MS). This position will be funded for 1-2 years with possibility of extension, and is part of an international collaborative effort between several research groups, with potential for publication. The position will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate. The successful applicant should have at least 1 year of laboratory experience, ideally in mouse research.

Start Date: Early summer 2019 or sooner

Responsibilities: The Research Assistant will perform experiments on mouse models of neuroinjury. He/she will perform intracardial perfusions, spinal cord and brain dissections, microscopy, and cryosectioning on multiple mouse groups that have received neuroinjury and pharmacological agents. He/she will be trained on histology to recognize tissue injury, immunohistochemistry, and mouse survival surgeries and experimental lesions. Additionally, the Research Assistant may contribute to mouse husbandry, tail snips and PCR genotyping.


  • At least 12 months practical experience in a research laboratory setting
  • Experience with mouse pathology/injury, tissue dissections and cryosectioning desired
  • Experience with mouse handling and husbandry
  • Experience with molecular/cell biological methods
  • Expected to work well within a team
  • Expected to maintain logbooks and mouse tissue bank

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a CV detailing relevant laboratory experience. Review of applications will begin immediately, and will continue until the post has been filled. Inquiries on the position may be directed to Dr. Jeff Huang (email:
The Huang lab is situated in Regents Hall on the main campus in Georgetown University. For more information, please visit:

Posted: Updated June 2019

Position: Postdoctoral fellow or Research associate (1 positions available) 

A research position (Ph.D. level or equivalent) is immediately available in a cancer research lab (Xuefeng Liu, Principal Investigator) at Georgetown University Center for Cell Reprogramming and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The focus of the lab is to study the mechanisms of cell immortalization by oncogenic viruses and telomerase, and patient-derived cancer models (CRCs and CDXs). To achieve these goals, we utilize patient-derived tissue samples and establish conditionally reprogrammed cell cultures (CRCs) using CR technology and CRCs-derived xenografts (CDXs) and validate translational use of these models in prostate, breast and head and neck cancers. We will also use high-throughput screening approaches along with state-of-the-art bioinformatics through collaboration with experts in the field. 

We are seeking highly motivated, Ph.D. level researchers with prior in-depth training in cancer research as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications. Fundamental molecular biology/cell biology skills are also required (e.g., cell culture, cloning, gene-editing, virus-mediated gene expression, and light microscopy). The position(s) will be supported by NIH funding with comparable salary and fringe benefit.

Overall cancer research at Georgetown is on an exciting, rapid growth phase and provides enormous opportunities for us to positively impact the lives of cancer patients through innovative basic and translational research. Please submit a brief introduction of your academic/research background, curriculum vitae, and contact info for three references to Successful candidates will be contacted via email.

Job Type: Full-time