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The Center for Cell Reprogramming pursues and promotes research on stem-like cells, with an emphasis on conditionally reprogrammed cells, adult stem cells and their relevant biological/medical applications. We serve as a nidus for faculty recruitment, for internal and external research collaborations, and for facilitating funding from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, pharmaceutical companies and foundations. 

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Dr. Seema Agarwal

The Center for Cell Repgoramming's Dr. Seema Agarwal to participate in Genomics Webinar!

Dr. Seema Agarwal will be presenting a webinar in collaboration with Genewiz and their week in celebrating scientists from all over the nation. Dr. Agarwal will be presenting on "Tools to Validate Conditionally Reprogrammed Tumor Cell Line Models" on June 12th at 10am and 4pm (EST). Find more details through the link provided below. Mark you calendars to listen!


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Dr. Charles A. Gersbach

Special Seminar Announcement!
June 14, 2018


The Innovation for Biomedical Informatics & Center for Cell Reprogramming to host Dr. Charles A. Gersbach from Duke University.

Chalres A. Gersbach, PhD will be presenting at the co-sponsored seminar on "Genome and Epigenome Editing with CRISPR for Gene Therapy and Cell Reprogramming." Dr. Gersbach comes from Duke University serving as the Rooney Family Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering. Building: Warwick-Evans

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