Abdul Mondal

Abdul Mondal, PhD

Abdul Mondal, PhD

Research Instructor
Department of Pathology

Email        amm501@georgetown.edu  

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Dr. Mondal started serving as a Research Instructor at the CCR in November 2014. Dr. Mondal’s current ongoing projects include studying the following: 1) profile and roles of p53 and its splicing variants in CRC; 2) modifications of p53 proteins during conditional reprogramming—a collaboration with Dr. Ettore Appella’s group at the NCI; and, 3) hair follicle formation of skin CRCs in mice—a collaboration with Dr. Rajesh Thangapazham and Dr. Thomas Darling at UHUHS. Dr. Mondal received his BTech in Pharmaceutical Technology and MTech in Biotechnology from the Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. Subsequently, he earned his doctoral degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Before joining CCR, he obtained his postdoctoral training under Dr. Curtis C. Harris at the National Cancer Institute, where he focused his research on understanding the molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence, aging and cancer. He made a significant contribution to the discovery of the endogenous regulation of cellular senescence by natural p53 isoforms, D133p53 and p53β (Nature Cell Biology, 2009). He also played a key role in a study demonstrating the feedback regulation between p53 and the telomere-binding protein complex (Nature Cell Biology, 2010). Dr. Mondal has also had established that p53 isoforms, D133p53 and p53β are physiological regulators of aging- and tumor-associated replicative cellular senescence of human CD8+ T lymphocytes in vivo (Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2013).