Sujata Choudhury

Sujata Choudhury, PhD

Sujata Bio

Research Assistant
Department of Pathology



Dr. Choudhury is currently a Research Specialist in “Immortalization Team” led by Dr. Liu. Her ongoing projects include: (1) feeder free CRC system; (2) role of p53 in normal and tumor CRCs; (3) Role of Rock1 and Rock 2 in cell reprogramming; and, (4) role of mutant p53 and their turnover in cancer progression. Previously, Dr. Choudhury worked on DNA damage and repair for a long period of time and then she worked with Dr. Maria Laura Avantaggiati on role of mutant p53 in cancer progression. She was the first author on the paper describing newly degradation pathway as well as the possible role played by autophagy during tumor evolution driven by mutant p53. She obtained her Cell Biology and Biochemistry in India.