Urogenital Program

Christopher Albanese, PhD 
Professsor in the Departments of Oncology and Pathology

Photo of Dr. Christopher Albanese in his labDr. Albanese is a Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Pathology and serves as the Director of the Urogenital Program. Dr. Albanese is an expert in tumor biology with over 140 peer-reviewed publications. His main focus is the development of more accurate and effective in vitro and in vivo cancer models to better define the roles of oncogenes, tumor suppressors and cell cycle regulatory proteins in the initiation and progression of genitourinary and other cancers. Dr. Albanese is the cofounder of the Center and has been directly involved in applying CRCs to both tissue development and tumor cell biology. As the originator and director of the Georgetown Preclinical Research Imaging Laboratory, Dr. Albanese is developing a comprehensive preclinical imaging program based on MRI, MR-Spectroscopy (MRS) and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging as well as luminescence/IVIS imaging to integrate the CRCs into more effective animal models of cancer progression and treatment. His main goals are to enable the development of bedside to bench to bedside translational programs in cancer biology, imaging and precision therapy and to make Georgetown the center of excellence for this transformational approach.