Head & Neck Tumors Program

Priscilla Furth, MD
Professor of Oncology & Medicine, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Dr. Priscilla Furth in her labDr. Priscilla A Furth is a Principal Investigator at Georgetown University who has received funding from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research at the National Institutes of Health to pursue investigation of conditional cell reprogramming as a tool for investigation of cancer genetics, pathophysiology and therapy. Dr. Furth will serve as the Director of the Head & Neck Tumors Program within the CCR. One focus of her research work is on primary salivary gland cancers including salivary mucoepidermoid and malignant pleomorphic adenoma as well as squamous cell cancers metastatic to salivary gland as well as benign salivary pleomorphic adenomas. The second focus of her research work is on genetic changes in preneoplastic breast tissue that may predispose to breast cancer development and the potential impact of these changes on specific preventive interventions. These studies build on Dr. Furth’s previous work in cancer genetics and pathophysiology funded by NIH, DOD, VA and the Komen Foundation for more than two decades and presented in over 110 peer-reviewed publications. She is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT and Brown University, Providence, RI, where she earned her MD and ScB, respectively. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York City, an Infectious Disease Fellowship at Harvard University, Boston, MA, a post-doctoral fellowship in the Laboratory of Tumor Virus Biology, NCI, NIH, and an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship focusing on developmental biology at the Max Planck Institute of Biological Chemistry in Goettingen, Germany.