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Posted: October 2, 2017

Research TEchinician 2, Center for Cell Reprogramming, Department of Pathology - Georgetown University Medical Center 


Georgetown’s Center for Cell Reprogramming pursues and promotes research on stem-like cells, with an emphasis on conditionally reprogrammed cells, adult stem cells and their relevant biological/medical applications. We serve as a nidus for faculty recruitment, for internal and external research collaborations, and for facilitating funding from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, pharmaceutical companies and foundations. We currently sponsor seminars by world-class scientists to maintain the Center at the forefront of the rapidly advancing field of cell reprogramming. 

The Research Technician 2 will assist in carrying out cancer research experiments, especially generation and maintenance of patient-derived conditionally reprogrammed cell lines and 3D primary cell cultures from various tumor tissue types; and will use zebrafish model system to study metastatic behavior of primary tumors.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Research Technician 2 has duties that include but are not limited to:

  • Establishes primary cell cultures using patient's or mouse PDX tissue materials using conditionally reprogram cell technology.
  • Maintains the cultures and carry out proliferation assays.
  • Carries out several molecular biology techniques, such as DNA and RNA isolation from cells and tissue materials, qPCR, and gel electrophoresis for DNA and proteins.
  • Prepares protein cell lysates for Western blotting.
  • Performs immunofluorescence staining of cells and capturing images.
  • Images zebrafish using IF microscope.
  • Keeps impeccable experiments’ details experiments, results, and interpretation of data in the laboratory notebook, and presents data in the lab meetings.
  • Maintains computer hardware and software.
  • Performs routine lab jobs such as glassware washing and autoclaving, which will be shared with others in the laboratory.
  • Bachelor’s degree – Master’s degree preferred

  • 2 years of experience in tissue culture, DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, protein gels, and immunoblotting - preference for 2 years of extensive lab experience in cellular and molecular biology techniques and an experience with zebrafish handling and injections in embryos will be a plus

  • Working knowledge of immunofluorescence microscopy

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop, and any statistical analysis software

Submission Guidelines:

Please note that in order to be considered an applicant for any position at Georgetown University you must submit a cover letter and resume  for each position of interest for which you believe you are qualified. These documents are not kept on file for future positions.

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